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Keeping children and vulnerable people safe

In recent years community trust has been eroded in the safety and care of children in our community institutions. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse addressed the abuse issues this way:

"Child sexual abuse affects the entire community and diminishes the trust we place in our institutions. That trust is further eroded when an institution fails to appropriately respond to the victim's needs."

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It is within our grasp to improve these outcomes. It remains implicit upon communities and institutions specifically, within those communities, to do better. Strong communities can foster better protections for our children and ward off potential abusers. Awareness arising from this training is a key starting point.

All children should be provided the time and secure space to be children. ChildSafe, a Harm Prevention Charity, empowers adult carers to achieve this aim.

Learning outcomes

The module will provide you with an understanding of:

  • the need to keep children and vulnerable people safe
  • personal and organisational child safety management
  • the issues of abuse and responding appropriately to incidents and suspected malicious behaviours,
  • how to support the rights of children and vulnerable people and
  • creating a safe environment for all.

About the author

The module has been developed by the ChildSafe team comprising a number of contributors who have relevant qualifications and experience in fields of care for children and vulnerable people. It reflects ten years of standards and guideline writing based on current AS/NZS risk management standards.

What you'll get

Once you've finished the module, you'll have a stronger understanding of the safety issues at stake and the serious consequences of not taking action. On successful completion you will receive a certificate of completion. In addition there are some free resources, helpful to support your learning.

Target Audience

Suitable for those who have a concern for safety in a community organisation context or who may serve either as staff or as a volunteer in any leadership, supervisory or carer capacity over children and other vulnerable people.

Estimated duration

90 minutes

$38.50 (AUD) per subscription

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